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Sanitation and Environmental Engineer

M.Sc in Environmental Management

  • Participation in the construction of city planning in Nariño Province. Government of Nariño. Municipal Administrations. "Suyusama compañía de Jesús" program Javeriana University. 2009 - 2010.
  • Participation in the plan of the ethnodevelopment "Nariño Pacifico Zona Telembí" for Community Councils. Government of Nariño. United Nations Program for Development. "Suyusama compañía de Jesús" program Javeriana University. 2010.
  • Technical Consulting Process "Caqueteña agenda for Democracy and Peace". Government of Caquetá. Association of Municipalities of Caquetá (AMDELCA). European Union - Commission for Colombia and Ecuador. 2010.
  • Interinstitutional management consulting and management with agencies of international cooperation. ITEDRIS foundation - Archidiocese of Tunja. 2011.
  • Recognition of the work visit of the Pan American Center for Sanitation Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS) - Lima, Perú. 2007.
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